ShareThisOrder for Arrest Intro

The evil force is becoming stronger and stronger, and a lot of tamers have been lured by Bahamut the Shadow Dragon. These tamers have been out of their own control and therefore stealing precious stuff here and there. King Ross has commanded the strongest royal guards to capture these tamers and retrieve the stolen treasures. However, the royal guards have not yet managed to arrest even one of the tamers. As a result, King Ross has to issue the order for arresting them. If you successfully capture a wanted target, you will be awarded the stuff stolen by them. Brave fighters, now go capture them all!

1. The "Order for Arrest" event will be held regularly each day from 4:00pm until 5:00pm GMT-8. To take part in the event, simply click the "Event" \ button.
2. Click the "Order for Arrest" button to unfold the panel as shown below.


3. Each day 15 players will be selected at random as the wanted targets. They will be divided into 5 classes from 1-star to 5-star. The 5-star ones are the toughest, and the one-star ones are the weakest. Each wanted target will get help from 4 computer controlled units of the corresponding overall strength depending on the star level. Each guy may only attempt to arrest the target once each day. When attempting to arrest a target, you need wait 10 minutes to attempt to arrest another target.

4. When defeating a wanted target, you will win some rewards. If you failed in defeating a wanted target, you would win less rewards. You may not challenge the target that has been arrested. When arresting a wanted target, you will also win the certain loot. Nevertheless, if the target was not arrested during the event, they will win the certain loot.