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\Carrot Harvest Contest

Players can take part in the Carrot Harvest Contest from 10am-11am every day. Players can send out their pets to the carrot garden and let them harvest carrots on their own, but players can increase their pet’s vigor so they can harvest carrots more efficiently.
The Carrot Harvest Contest will bring the participating pets abundant Exp and the participating players will win some crystals depending on their ranking. The champion will even complete a related achievement.
\Guild Arena
Duration: All Day
Entry Requirements: Joining a guild
Challenge Requirements: The leader of each guild can launch 10 challenges each day.
System Intro: The guild battlefield allows guilds to battle against each other. Players can prove their guild’s battle effectiveness by challenging other guilds, while a guild’s battle effectiveness is displayed in the form of squads (Please refer to the guild squad section for more details).
\Bahamut's Assault
Level 30+ players are qualified to participate in the Bahamut's Assault event during 11:00am-12:00pm and 4:00pm-5:00pm each day. They will win corresponding Prestige and Gold from each battle. Bahamut has extremely high defense and power, players can keep challenging it during the given time before Bahamut is defeated. The player who gives Bahamut the last hit, namely, kills it finally, will be rewarded with extra Prestige, Gold and achievement.
In the game, players can practice divination once every 30 minutes. They can draw a Tarot Card to acquire surprising effects.
Players can earn Gold and Elements simply by answering some questions.
Daily Rewards
You can open the Pandora’s Box each day to gain abundant Elements. The higher you rank is, the more times you can open the Pandora’s Box each day.
\Daily Login Rewards
You are able to claim rewards each day when you log into the game. Consecutive logins will win you more rewards.