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\ The fantastic world of Tamer Saga is filled with all kinds of magical things. Smart tamers have even mastered sailing skills. Some brave adventurers have set sail to explore the vast sea starting at the Valiant Coast. What are in the vast sea? What will the brave adventurers encounter while sailing? What will they obtain?

Now please allow me to introduce the sailing system briefly.
Step 1: To set sail, unfold the Event list first and then the Sailing panel.
Each day, adventurers can only set sail during 8:00am and 11:00pm. Only Level 40+ adventurers are able to set sail. Each day, each player can only set sail once, plunder 10 fleets and escort 3 fleets. Each round lasts 20 minutes including 5-min preparation time and 15-min sailing time.
Sailing panel
Step 2: Click the \ button to choose a fleet for sailing.

You can spend 10 Crystals in refreshing fleet, attempting to get a better fleet. By refreshing fleet, you may get a better or a poorer fleet. However, you may not get a “Sea Monster” by refreshing fleet unless when you’ve summoned a “Wave Surfer”. You may also directly summon a “Wave Surfer” or a “Sea Monster” to sail.
Wave Surfer Callers are available in the Mall, but Sea Monster Callers are not available in the Mall. You may gain a Sea Monster Caller when finishing sailing or opening one Demon’s Treasure Box.
You can hire sailors to increase defense and maximum health of your active units. Each Sailor increases defense and maximum HP of defenders by 10%. It costs Crystals to hire a sailor. As you hire more, it will cost you more Crystals to hire one more sailor.
You can also practice Sailing Divination to avoid gaining some items when finishing sailing. You will gain one of the items listed when the sailing finishes. You may click any item to avoid gaining it, but you can only avoid up to 5 items.
When you’ve gotten ready, simply click the “Set Off” button to set sail.
During sailing, you may escort or plunder others.
While you are escorting a fleet, you will help fight against those who attempt to plunder the fleet.
You may plunder the same fleet only once. Each of the first 3 players who successfully plunder the fleet will loot 10% of the fleet carried Gold. Later on, player will only gain 1% of the fleet carried Gold when successfully plundering it. But will gain 0.5% if lost.


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