ShareThisTamer Saga Introduces Gender Choice and New Server

We are very glad to announce that gender choice will be available after the update this week. Brand new characters appearance and abundant gameplay are waiting for Tamer Saga fans.
Tamer Saga is a free-to-play anime-style RPG brought by PopPace. Before the update this week, players are not able to select their gender for a class they prefer. It means that in-game warriors are all male characters, while rangers are girls. But now, everything will be changed. Gender choice will also bring Marriage System, which will be released in future version soon. Here, we are willing to introduce these 4 new choices for all players.
Warrior (Female)
Powerful physical attacking ability allows warriors to rush on the enemies and shatter their positions. Warriors are incredible powerhouses who can ignore enemies’ defense with their unmatched power.
Mage (Female)
Mages are able to simultaneously attack more than one enemy with their mysterious magic, which possesses special effect as well. However, their lower defense may put their heads into the lion's mouth in front of strong physical attacks.
Priest (Male)
Priests can not only heal teammates but also possess various assistant abilities. They strongly support their teammates before a battle starts and also help their teammates dispel various debuffs on battlefields.
Ranger (Male)
Rangers like to wander around the world to enjoy the beauties of nature. Their excellent long-range attacking power allows them to defeat enemies far away.

For now, Tamer Saga already attracted legions of users across the globe. PopPace team also promised more thrilling systems and gameplay in future versions.