ShareThisAlpha Test Winners

The Alpha Test has come to an end, and it’s time to announce the winners of the Alpha Test related events. Congratulations to the winners and thank you for your continued support! To claim your rewards, please contact us at to tell us your facebook name/Poppace account and the character name in the coming Closed Beta Test server.

Show Your Pets to Win
the Best Original Photo
Ei-Jhay Conte(
the Cutest Pet
Lorenzo Miguel Olizon(
the Best Big Pet
Ryu Zentatsu Gaming(
the Most Nice-looking Pet
David Andriele A. Alamares(
the Most Lovely Pet
Edil Solis(
the Best Mini Pet
Celsis Manasan(

Gm Dizzy Sway(
Randi Sumpena(
Rindi Sumpena(

Memory of Childhood
June Ferr Marañon Trinidad(
Chris Moriano(
Bryanotic Oppa(
Randi Sumpena(
Edil Solis(
Rindi Sumpena(
Shin Min Ah(
Lorenzo Miguel Olizon(
Ryu Zentatsu Gaming(

Bug Hunting Award
kaiser2526  300 Crystals
jhayeff  200 Crystals
aygah789   500 Crystals
SynxCross  200 Crystals
Nawthyeth  500 Crystals
Zell  400 Crystals
rotted333  200 Crystals
enzotrinity  200 Crystals
Zentatsu  200 Crystals
4ba46a19e633af4  200 Crystals

Wanted: Suggestions
ossamando  200 Crystals
9bdf151f4e00ec2  500 Crystals
kaiser2526  100 Crystals
totskiebols  1000 Crystals
aygah789  500 Crystals
SynxCross  1500 Crystals
9af3f053af12249  500 Crystals
neolide 200  Crystals
Zell 900  Crystals
Enzotrinity  200 Crystals
woelank  300 Crystals
enzotrinity  200 Crystals
omendiaz  1000 Crystals
ossamando  500 Crystals
rotted333  300 Crystals
Zentatsu  3000 Crystals
47dc72fbb171b15  200 Crystals
Nyotnyot 300 Crystals

Tamer Saga Team