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Event : Rewards for Voucher Purchase

We are pleased to give away a rich variety of items to those who have purchased Vouchers within 7 days from the debut of the server.


Vouchers bought within 7 days Rewards
50 Maruku Suit(7 Days)*1,Dream Rabbit*1,Double Exp Scroll*1,Transport Scroll*2,
300 Lovely Bird Suit(7 Days)*1,Spirit Dragon*1, Small HP Potion*1, Pet Slot Scroll*1,Wave Surfer Scroll*1
500 Little Devil Suit(7 Days)*1,Mini Monkey*1, Pet Slot Scroll*2, Monster Card*1,Medium Heritage Scroll*1
2000 Great Crystal Pack*2, Mix Elixir*1, Savvy+10*1, Demon's Treasure Box*10,
Sea Monster Caller*2
4000 Great Crystal Pack*4, Mix Elixir*2, Savvy+10*2, Demon's Treasure Box*20,
Sea Monster Caller*4
8000 Silver Ring of Love*1, Mount Upgrade Shard*5, Savvy+30*1,Elixir of Shield*1,Pet Potion Pack*1
20000 Mini Bahamut*1,Diamond Ring of Love*1,Mount Upgrade Spar*5, Savvy+30*2,Elixir of Shield*2,Pet Potion Pack*2

Click here to buy Vouchers.


Event : Rewards for First Voucher Purchase

Purchase any amount of Vouchers within 7 days from the debut of the server, then you will win various items as your reward.


Mini Panda*1, Transfer Spar*1, Panda Suit(7 Days)*1,Redemption Ticket*2,Mixed Elixir*2,Small HP Potion*2,Loudspeaker*5

Event : Limited Offers

You can buy one of each item below within 7 days from the server debut. These items can be sold only once.