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Established by several democratic powers from southern Mildred Plains based on a united agreement, the Federation has the ability to change the future of the continent, though each power is not very strong. Currently, King Ross holds the rein of the Federation.
Before the falling of Shadow Dragon, the Federation frequently came into conflicts with the Empire due to different systems of government and faiths. Nevertheless, with the spread of the evil, the Federation has begun to join forces with the Empire to fight against the Shadow Dragon.
Formed by valiant nomads on the Mount Lux, the Empire always gains an upper hand in the war thanks to nomads’ strong constitutions and rich products. Now Castellan Raymond is in charge of foreign affairs.
Since the north was unified, the Empire has never stopped attacking the southern continent. However, the Shadow Dragon has changed the situation. With the approach of the Shadow Dragon, some insightful people have become aware of the crisis. In front of chaos and crisis, the Empire has decided to work with the Federation and resist the invasion of the Shadow Dragon together.