ShareThisEquipment System

There are equippable weapons, armor and jewelries in game.
To equip a weapon or armor, you must meet both the class requirements and the level requirements.
However, you only need meet the level requirements to wear cloaks, necklaces, rings and earrings.
In terms of quality, the equipment is classified into 5 types: white (common), green (uncommon), blue (rare), purple (epic) and orange (legendary).




Equipment Upgrade
Players can upgrade equipment to augment its attributes. With the change of equipment’s grade, the equipment’s quality will change as well. When it reaches grade 20, the equipment will become orange, a legendary one.
Equipment Enhancement
Players can also enhance equipment on the Enhance panel to randomly change its attributes. Players can save or cancel the enhancement result. The higher-grade equipment will more easily be improved by a larger margin.


Equipment Decomposition
There are two decomposition ways: Equipment Decomposition and Gold Decomposition.
Available to VIP5 and higher-grade VIPs as the picture shown.
Different consumption will lead to different-quality gear souls and refund a different percent of the Elements spent on upgrading the equipment. The probability to gain a soul of different quality is shown below.
Equipment Enchantment
Players can attach gear souls to equipment. Only the equipment, which has been upgraded for 10 times or more, can be attached to a gear soul. Furthermore, gear souls can be combined into a higher-level one.