ShareThisPet System

Pet Attributes
It goes without saying that pets play a crucial role in combats, so it is very important to make in-depth research on pets’ attributes. Only in this way can players raise high-quality pets.
Name: In-game pet name
Level: The higher the pet’s level is, the stronger it will be.
Exp: The pet will earn more Exp if it engages in more combats and do more quests. When it has enough Exp, it will level up automatically.
Show: Show your pets to other players in the same channel.
Free: Set the pet free.
Rename: Rename your pet
Stats: HP, Power (Pow), Defense (Def), Speed (Spd), Dodge (Dod) and Crit.
Type: The creatures are divided into 5 types: Sprites, Beasts, Demons, Dragonkin and Humanoid which restrict each other.
Sprites restrict Humanoid creatures and Beasts
Beasts restrict Humanoid creatures and Beasts
Demons restrict Beasts and Sprites
Dragonkin creatures restrict Demons and Sprites
Humanoid creatures restrict Dragonkin creatures and Demons
Spells: Each pet masters different spells. With the advancement of the pet’s level, its spells will be improved. Rank 1 spells will be available when the pet hits Level 20. Spells cost Rage to cast, and are classified into the Single, T, L and All categories. Some spells deal damage, whilst some heal the caster and/or the allies.
Rank 2 spells will be available when the pet hits Level 40. In addition to the original effects, Rank 2 spells may also reduce defense, stun the enemies or cause some other harmful effects to the enemies.
Rank 3 spells will be available when the pet hits Level 60. Different from Rank 2 spells, Rank 3 spells have a bigger chance to cause harmful effects to the enemies.
Reset: There are two modes, Common Reset and Adv. Reset, available for resetting a pet’s base Savvy. The modes will change the pet's base Savvy and degrade the pet to level 1.
Pet Sigil
The Pet Sigil system enables you to transfer surplus pets into different sigils. The pet will be stronger while wearing sigils. Different sigils can be combined into a higher-level one with more power.
The slots for equipping sigils will be increased as soon as the pet levels up, but only one sigil of the same kind is allowed to equip.
To seal a pet, click the Sigil button first and then click the Seal button.
There are 2 sealing methods:
One is Pet Seal, i.e. choose a surplus pet and the Pet Seal method, and then click Seal to seal the pet. The pet will disappear after being sealed. The more advanced seal method will produce the stronger sigil. The other method is Magic Seal. This method consumes 20,000 Gold instead of a pet.
Different consumption will result in different-quality sigils. The probability is shown below.
The following content is only available to VIP 6 and higher-grade VIPs. Using the sealing method exclusive for VIP 6, you will far more likely gain a top sigil.
To equip a sigil: Click the Sigil button, choose the target pet and drag the sigil to an unused slot.


Pet Training
The maximum of a pet’s Savvy will be increased by 20 as soon as it levels up 20. Players can click the “+” \ button behind each savvy bar to improve the certain savvy, but certain items are required shown as below:
The item is classified into Lesser Growth, Medium Growth and Greater Growth, which increase savvy by a different amount of points. Lesser Growth only increases savvy by 1, Medium increases by 3 and Greater increases by 10. Those items can be purchased from the Mall with vouchers or obtained from some events.
The monsters defeated by you in the open may appear in your Album. You can challenge any creature in the Album and summon it as your pet if only you win the challenge and you have the required emblem. It will cost you some Gold and time to summon a pet.