ShareThisEaster Eggs for Gifts

The Easter is around the corner, but the Easter Bunny has just lost all the Easter Eggs he had prepared for the Easter. So the Easter Bunny asks the Easter Envoy and the Easter Exchanger to retrieve the eggs in the Twilight City. If you obtain an Easter Egg, please hand it to them and you will then get a gift in return.
Event Duration
12:30am April 17th until 12:30am May 8th (GMT-4)
Event Content
Whenever you defeat Level 30+ monsters in the open during the event, you will possibly gain Easter Eggs.
1. You may exchange Easter Eggs with the Easter Exchanger for guild contribution cards or Easter suits.
2. You may open 1 Easter Egg at the Easter Envoy to gain one of the items listed below at random.

Item Value (Voucher)
Gold Card 1
Element Card 1
Small Crystal Pack 10
Lesser Heritage Scroll 10
Savvy+3 20
Double EXP Scroll 20
3-hour Summon 20
Medium Heritage Scroll 40
Mixed Elixir 50
Savvy+10 50
Wave Surfer Caller 60
Great Crystal Pack 80
Monster Card 80
Daily Quest Scroll 99
Sea Monster Caller 120
Savvy+30 150
Lollipop Cloak 999
Heart of Ocean 9999