ShareThisGet-together(Event will end on March 31)

In order to build a better game environment and provide you a wonderful mobile game, we are hosting a fellowship activities.
Here is the rule:
1.Download Final Clash Google Play, app store or official
2.Create a character in any server and achieve the specified level.
3.Make a screenshot of your character and show the level of it.
4.After you sending the screenshot to
we will check it and deliver the rewards to you. And the server of Final Clash is also needed.
 Warning: Do not cheat! Anyone who cheat will not get the rewards. If having worse behavior, your character will be banned.

1.If your character of Final Clash reaches lvl.30, you will get 1000 voucher.
2.If your character of Final Clash reaches lvl.45, you will get 3000 voucher.
3.If your character of Final Clash reaches lvl.60, you will get 10000 voucher.

Tip: If you want to get lvl.45 reards, you should get the lvl.30 rewards first. It's same to lvl.60 rewards. And the name of your Final Clash's character should be the same with the on in TS.
One TS character can only get rewards for one time.