ShareThis3,000 Free Voucher Giveaway (For PC)(Event ended)

Some players told us that they can't join the event for iphone. So we provide a method for you guys. There are tips at the end of this news.

Here is your chance to get 2,000 free Voucher!
1. Download & install Final Clash from APP Store or itunes (Enter 'Final Clash' in Search Bar). Then create & upgrade a character to level 10+.

If you level up your character more than lvl.25, you can get extra 1000 voucher.

2. Write a 5-Star review at least 10 words(Something you think is good of the game, like gameplay, the art or music. ) for Final Clash in APP Store.

3. Pass the screenshots of the in-game character and 5-Star review to

Tips: Please note which review in the screenshot is from you and do not write something like TS, TS's character name, etc. Otherwise, you will not get the rewards.Thanks.

The name in the green circle is your name of apple review, and it should be the same name with your Final Clash's character name.Do not contain any thing about TS or your server of TS in your name or review.


Download itunes on your computer(both available for Windows & iOS).
Log in with your American ios account.
Enter “Final Clash” in the input box and search


Then you will find our game. One is for iPad and the other is for iPhone. Choose to download one for them.


After download, click icon to enter next page. You can write review after you click “Write a Review”

And then, writing a review and rate 5-star for us. Remember to submit.