ShareThisJune 15~~June 31 Add Savvy for Free


Pets play an important role and pets need higher savvy to become stronger. However, it is not easy to get enough stuff to fully boost pets’ savvy. So we are pleased to give away stuff to boost pets’ Savvy. We will also be giving away Mount Upgrade Shards and Mount Upgrade Spars to give your continued support something back. 


Event Duration

12:00 am June 15 until 11:59 pm June 31 GMT-8

Event Rules

Simply purchase any amount of Vouchers during the specified period of time, you will receive the corresponding gift as listed below. Any gift will be delivered to the player's in-game mailbox within 24 hours from the moment of Voucher purchase.


Vouchers Purchased Rewards
16800 [Savvy+10]*50, [Savvy+30]*50, [Mount Upgrade Shard]*50, [Mount Upgrade Spar]*20
7200 [Savvy+10]*20, [Savvy+30]*20, [Mount Upgrade Shard]*50, [Mount Upgrade Spar]*10
3450 [Savvy+10]*10, [Savvy+30]*10 [Mount Upgrade Shard]*50
1650 [Savvy+10]*5, [Savvy+30]*5 [Mount Upgrade Shard]*30
315 [Savvy+10]*1, [Savvy+30]*1 [Mount Upgrade Shard]*10
150 [Savvy+10]*1

Have fun and see you in game!

Tamer Saga Team